Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers.  If you can't find your answer here feel free to Contact Us

How can I see an available apartment at Campus Heights or the Schoolhouse Lofts?

To set up a tour stop by the Leasing Office, located inside the Student Lounge at 505 North Lawrence Street, Middletown PA 17057, or contact by phone at 717-649-0202, or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Do I need to already have roommates or can a roommate be provided?

If you already have roommates you will be placed with them within the same apartment. If you are looking by yourself, you will be put on our “Roommate Needed List” and placed with other single tenants of the same gender. Our Roommate Matching survey will also be used as an additional tool when finding the best possible roommate match.

Are these units furnished?

Campus Heights and Schoolhouse Lofts: Yes, ALL units are completely furnished. Check specific unit style for exact furnishings.
Furnishings include: Leather couches, Coffee table, Kitchen table with 4 bistro style chairs, Full sized bed with hypoallergenic mattress, Desk with locking drawer, Desk chair, 5 Drawer dresser, Full Sized Closet, and a Flat Screen TV in every Apartment

What appliances are included?

All kitchens are supplied with a Full Sized Refrigerator, a Range/Stove, Ventilation Hood, and Garbage Disposal.

Are utilities included in the rental amount?

Campus Heights & Schoolhouse Lofts: All utilities are included in your monthly rental amount. Including HD Cable  and Individually Password protected WiFi
**There is a Utility Allowance per unit**
We allocate a per unit average for your utility consumption. Should your average utility consumption cost exceed our baseline average we reserve the right to charge the residents the cost of the additional utility consumption. This process protects against misuse.

What is included in my Rent Payment?

Campus Heights & Schoolhouse Lofts: Your Rental Payment includes: access to the entire facility for the complete duration of your lease term, access to the 2 Story 4,000 Sq Ft Student Lounge, a Fully Furnished apartment, ALL utilities included, HD cable, Individual password protected WiFi, an HD Flat Screen TV in every living room, FREE onsite parking, FREE Laundry in ALL Laundry rooms, Secure Package receiving at our Leasing Office, After hours Concierge/ Security staff 7 days a week.

Is there a Security Deposit?

Yes. There is a $250 Security Deposit for every tenant. An additional $100 of that deposit goes toward a Non Refundable Admin Fee. The remaining balance will be applied toward any damage or outstanding balances, then returned to the tenant within 4 weeks after the end of their lease agreement.

When do I pay rent?

Rent is to be paid by the 1st of every month of your contract.  Arrangements can be made to pay a full semester in advance or a full year in advance if that is desired by the tenant.

How do I pay rent?

Rent payments can be made by check, money order, wire transfer, credit or debit cards (No cash will be accepted) in the Leasing Office or online through your Resident Portal account. Most debit cards have a daily limit for charges, so check with your bank to be sure you have the ability to make large payments before attempting payment. Convenience fees will apply to any online payment and vary depending on your payment method. College Town Communities splits these fees with you and pays half, so the fee you pay is actually half of the entire fee. Checks are the cheapest way to pay!  Note that personal checks have a maximum amount of $6,000

Is parking available?

Onsite parking is available for ALL tenants at NO Additional Charge. ALL parking lots are extremely well lit and close to building entrances. Parking lots are monitored by video camera surveillance as well as our afterhours Security Team.

Who is allowed to live at these facilities?

Any student enrolled at the Penn State Harrisburg Campus.

Can guests/ visitors stay overnight?

Any tenant is allowed to have a guest visit or spend the night at any time without the need to register or sign them in. However, a guest is NOT allowed to stay for more the 3 days at a time. Roommate consideration must be taken into account with all visitors. Guests must be accompanied by the tenant whom they are visiting at ALL times when inside the apartment.  NO parents, older family members, or individuals younger than eighteen (18) years of age can stay overnight in the facility at any time

What safety measures are taken by management?

Campus Heights: There is  an After Hours Security/ Concierge team monitoring the facility 7 days a week. All residents will be given the contact cell phone number for the Security Team. They will be available to the residents to help assist if they are locked out, or if a resident is returning home late at night and would like their presence to escort them into the building, or to contact them if they accidentally burnt something on the stove.

There are also over 145 video cameras located around the facilities covering All entrances, outdoor and parking areas as well as all interior common areas. The footage of these cameras is monitored regularly. All exterior doors lock every time they close, so Non-Residents are unable to enter without the assistance of a Campus Heights resident. If these doors are “propped open” or held open and alarm will sound after 30 seconds alerting staff and residents that the door is not closed properly. Also, our “Key Fob” lock system allows us to track activity and potential misuse of any area by their individual coding. These keys are not reproducible by the tenant and can be taken off line immediately in the event that a tenant’s key is every stolen or misplaced.

Schoolhouse Lofts: There is a 16 camera video camera surveillance system covering All entrances, parking areas, and common areas within the building. All exterior doors lock every time they close, so Non Residents are unable to enter without the assistance of a Schoolhouse Lofts tenant. Also, our “Key Fob” lock system allows us to track activity and potential misuse of any area by their individual coding. These keys are not reproducible by the tenant and can be taken off line immediately in the event that a tenant’s key is every stolen or misplaced. The parking area is extremely well lit, located directly behind the building, and is completely fenced in.

Will I have a private bedroom?

ALL tenants at Campus Heights and The Schoolhouse Lofts have their own bedrooms.

Will I have a private bathroom?

Campus Heights: All Rooftop units provide tenants with their own bathrooms. First and Second floor tenants will share Two bathrooms between Four People. (Individual sink and vanity area per resident.)

Schoolhouse Lofts: All single units will have their own private bathrooms. Two bedroom units will share the one bathroom for the apartment.

How are these units rented?

Each resident will have their own lease per bedroom.

How far from Campus is your facility?

Campus Heights: The Campus Heights student housing facility is adjacent to the PSU Harrisburg campus and provides a safe lighted walkway directly on to Olmsted Drive right across from the Campus Security building.

Schoolhouse Lofts: Is located within walking distance to the PSU Harrisburg campus (less than ¼ mile). Both locations are in close proximity to shopping and student friendly businesses.

Are Pets Allowed?

No. Pets are not allowed at any of our facilities. No pets are allowed to “visit” any of the facilities at any time either, due to the possibility of spreading allergens or fleas that could be disruptive to other tenants in the facility.

Are there Laundry Facilities?

Campus Heights: There is a central laundry room available in every building, a total of 19 throughout the complex (That is 1 washer and 1 dryer per 12 students). ALL Laundry machines are FREE to Tenants ONLY.

Schoolhouse Lofts: There is a laundry room located on the first and second floor. (That is 1 washer and 1 dryer per 7 students). ALL Laundry machines are FREE to Tenants ONLY.

When would I move in?

All Leases for the 2018-2019 School Year will start August 10th, 2018

How long is a lease term?

There is a School Year and a Full Year Lease term option. Check this website for specific details and pricing.

Do you perform Background or Credit Checks during the application process?

Background checks are performed on every student who wants to live at Campus Heights and Schoolhouse Lofts. A minimally invasive credit check is performed separately on the parental guarantor for each Campus Heights and Schoolhouse Lofts tenant. There is NO cost to the tenant or the guarantor for this process.

Is there an Application Fee to Apply for an Apartment?

No.  There is no fee to apply.

Is alcohol permitted in my unit?

Assuming you are of the legal age, you may consume alcohol in your apartment. No alcohol is permitted in the outdoor areas or the Student Lounge and we ask you to respect All community guidelines.

May I paint the living room/ kitchen area/bedroom area?

No. The apartments are already painted. You may decorate your apartments with posters, tapestries, X-Mas lights, etc. Please use thumb tacks  when hanging things on the walls. Do NOT use Nails, Tape, Glue, Gummy poster hangers, 3M double sided sticky pads, etc. Do NOT use wall decals, as they will delaminate the face of the drywall. Any unnecessary damage to the apartment walls could be deducted from your security deposit.

Do I need to bring my own bedding or window treatments?

We provide a Full Size bed frame and a Full Size mattress. You will need to bring a mattress pad, sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows and bed spread. Every unit will include mini blinds on each window and you may add window treatments if you desire, but the blinds must stay in place. Any additional window treatments added must be hung with tacks only

Am I required to carry renter’s insurance?

We do require every tenant to carry renters insurance. Tenants may procure their own renter’s insurance policy and show College Town Communities management proof of that insurance and list College Town Communities as “Additional Insured” on that policy or tenants can work along with management to secure their Renter’s Insurance at move in by going with a third party insurance company at that time. This is done in our Leasing Office and often represents the most inexpensive costs for the most comprehensive coverages.

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Are your facilities directly affiliated with Penn State Harrisburg?

This property is solely rented to Penn State Harrisburg Students. We work closely with the Penn State Harrisburg campus but are a privately owned company.

Can grants, scholarships, student loans, or financial aid be applied towards rent?

Yes. You may use financial aid proceeds or any other 3rd party payment process to pay for your Rent at any of our facilities. Typically financial aid proceeds are dispersed directly to the student who in turn can then use those proceeds to pay for housing. If a rental payment is due and the tenant has not received their source of aid yet, proper documentation of this delay in aid must be presented to management in order to avoid any late fees to your account.

Who do I make my rent or security deposit check payable to?

College Town Communities, Campus Heights or SchoolHouse Lofts