Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers.  If you can't find your answer here feel free to Contact Us

How do I schedule a tour?

Call us to set up a tour at 484-646-9558.
You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What is included in my rent payment?

Your rental payment includes: ALL utilities including HD cable w/ high speed internet, FREE on-site parking, FREE laundry, FREE 50” Flat-Screen TVs in every living room , and access to the entire facility for the duration of your lease term (you do not need to vacate during school holidays and vacations). Sacony Commons is a Fully Furnished option as well, see the full amenity list under the floor plan section for Sacony Commons.

Is there a Security Deposit?

Yes, per the lease, each resident is required to pay a $250 security deposit. After move-out, the security deposit will be applied toward any damage or outstanding balances, and the remainder will be returned to the resident within 30 days after the end of the lease agreement.

When do I pay rent?

Rent is paid at the beginning of each semester.  Students who receive Financial Aid will be accommodated to pay later if all necessary communication with management has taken place beforehand.

How do I pay rent?

Rent payments can be paid by check, money order, or credit/debit card at either of our Leasing Offices (233 West Main St. or 45 E. Normal Ave.) during business hours. After hours, payment by check or money order can be dropped off in the rent box on or next to the Leasing Office door.  Payments scan be made online by accessing your Resident Portal account. The Leasing Office will provide your username and/or password, should you need assistance.

Is parking available?

On-site private parking is available at ALL buildings at no additional charge. To protect parking privileges, each resident is issued a free parking sticker, which must be displayed on the rear driver’s side windshield.

Who is allowed to live at these facilities?

Any student enrolled at Kutztown University

Can guests/ visitors stay over night?

Any tenant is allowed to have a guest visit or spend the night at any time without the need to register or sign them in.  However, a guest is NOT allowed to stay for more than 3 days at a time or more than 6 days in any consecutive 30-day period. Roommate consideration must be taken into account with all visitors.

What safety measures are taken by management?

All buildings have well lit, private parking lots. All exterior doors remain locked at all times so non-residents are unable to enter without the assistance of a CTC tenant. All apartment doors are equipped with a deadbolt and one way peep hole for added security. Kutztown Police Department and the Kutztown Fire Company have master key access to all facilities. All buildings are equipped with hard-wired, interconnected smoke detectors. Bieber Square, 217 W. Main Street,  The Lofts on East Main and Sacony Commons all have sprinkler systems as well.  All properties are patrolled by professionally staffed, after-hours weekend security on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. 24 hour assistance is available through the Leasing Office phone number at 484-646-9558. Individually programmed key fobs (where applicable) and PIN codes (where applicable) are provided to residents to allow secure access to their building, their apartment and/or their bedroom, and the facility common areas.

Will I have a private bedroom?

ALL KutztownLeasing tenants have their own bedrooms unless they choose to do something different based on their own preferences for apartment setup.

Will I have a private bathroom?

All College Town Communities apartments have either one or one and a half primary bathrooms.

How are leases signed?

One individual lease is signed by EACH resident in an apartment. Each resident is also required to have a Guaranty Agreement Addendum signed by a parent or guardian. Sample documents are available on this website.

Are these units Furnished?

217, 231, and 233 West Main Street, Bieber Square and The Lofts on E. Main: All apartments in these buildings have a 55” HD Flat Screen TV and entertainment stand in the living room. Otherwise the apartments are completely unfurnished, and you are able to bring your own furniture and decorate how you like in accordance with the Resident Handbook and the Lease.

Sacony Commons: Your apartment is fully furnished with a leather couch and loveseat, end tables, and a wall mounted SMART HDTV in the living room. Bedrooms include an extra-long twin bed with under-bed storage, a study desk and chair and a spacious built-in wardrobe.

What appliances are included?

217, 231, and 233 West Main Street, Bieber Square and The Lofts on E. Main: Kitchens in these buildings include a stove/oven, refrigerator and a garbage disposal. FREE Laundry facilities are centrally located for each building.

Sacony Commons: Kitchens include a refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave and dishwasher. Each unit has its own washer and dryer either in a hall closet or in the bathroom.

How far from Campus is your facility?

217, 231, and 233 West Main Street Apartments and The Bieber Square Apartments are ALL located 3 Blocks from Campus.  The Lofts on East Main and Sacony Commons are located ½ mile from Campus.

When would I move in?

A move in date will be assigned upon Lease Signing.

Are Pets Allowed?

No.  Pets are not allowed at any of our facilities.

Are there Laundry Facilities?

217, 231, and 233 West Main Street, Bieber Square and The Lofts on E. Main: There is at least one centrally located laundry room for each property. All laundry is FREE to residents.

Sacony Commons: Each unit has its own washer and dryer combo either in a hall closet or in the bathroom. All laundry is FREE to residents.

When would I move in?

Leases always start a few days before the school year starts and end a few days after graduation.

How long is a lease term?

As a rule, we do NOT sign single semester leases, but should you require one, please contact the Leasing Office at 484-646-9558 to inquire whether an exception may be made in your case.

Do you perform Background or Credit Checks during the application process?

Background checks are performed on every student who wants to live at one of our Kutztown properties. A minimally invasive credit check is performed separately on the parental guarantor for each applicant. Both the background and the credit check are performed with the applying parties’ permission only.

Is alcohol permitted in my unit?

Assuming you are of the legal age, you may consume alcohol in your apartment. No alcohol is permitted in the outdoor areas and we ask you to respect All community guidelines.

May I paint the living room/ kitchen area/bedroom area?

No. The apartments are already painted.  You may decorate your apartments with posters, tapestries, holiday lights, etc.  Please use thumb tacks or nails when hanging things on the walls.  Do NOT use Tape, Glue, Gummy poster hangers, 3M double sided sticky pads, etc.  Any unnecessary damage to the apartment walls could be deducted from your security deposit.

Are tenants of CTC required to carry renter’s insurance?

We require every tenant to carry renter’s insurance to protect each resident’s personal property as well as to protect the resident should they be responsible for damage to the building or to another person’s personal property. Residents may procure their own renter’s insurance and must provide proof of that insurance policy to Management prior to move in. ALL policies must list College Town Communities as “Additional Insured” or similar so that College Town Communities is alerted should the policy lapse. If a resident does not have a preferred provider of his own, College Town Communities offers a link to an agency below with whom we have worked to create a policy that ensures the best coverage at the lowest rate. We’ve also attached helpful step-by-step instructions on exactly how to fill out the agency’s renter’s insurance application to make this process quick and easy. Additional links below offer more information about renter’s insurance.

Are your facilities directly affiliated with Kutztown University?

No, all properties are privately owned and managed.  However, all of our properties are solely rented to Kutztown University students.

Can grants, scholarships, student loans, or financial aid be applied towards rent?

Yes. You may use financial aid proceeds or any other 3rd party payment process to pay for your Rent at any of our facilities.  Typically financial aid proceeds are disbursed directly to the student who in turn can then use those proceeds to pay for housing.